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A B O U T   U S
Gifted Hands was started in 2000 as a way to share my love of hand knitting with others. I have been knitting for many years, and have tried just about everything. Even though I appreciate the beauty and complexity of the more advanced knitting techniques, I always find myself happiest when working with a spectacular natural fiber yarn in a rhythmic pattern. Garter stitch is really one of my favorite things to do! In times of stress there is nothing like sitting back with knitting in hand, letting the sumptuous fibers flow through my fingers, and just relaxing in the rhythm of a simple stitch.
Every time I design a new pattern, I try to keep these things in mind. While I use new techniques now and then, in general I find a garment with a simple structure looks best. Things do not have to be complicated to be beautiful!
Gifted Hands is:
   Simple, Yet Effective Designs That Are A Pleasure To Knit
   Patterns That Do Not Lock You Into A Specific Yarn, But Give You A Gauge And Yarn Weight To Work From.
   Basic Designs That Let The Knitter's Creativity Shine Through
Gifted Hands is a family owned and operated business with everyone from grandmother to 10 year old daughter contributing in their own way. Our test knitters and models for our pattern photos are all good friends whom also have a love for knitting.

A Few Words About the Yarns We Choose:
There are so many beautiful yarns to choose from today, it is hard to decide which to use! I have made this easier for myself by sticking with yarn companies that I believe in. Take the links below my descriptions to learn more about these great companies!

The Brown Sheep Company
I have chosen the yarns of Brown Sheep because of their consistent, outstanding quality, their beautiful color range, and the fact that they are an American company that uses American wool. I use the Lamb's Pride Superwash for many of my children's garments, as it is soft, 100% wool that can be machine washed!
The Brown Sheep Company

Manos Del Uruguay
Manos yarns are 100% hand spun and hand dyed wool from a small women's cooperative in Uruguay. The colors are inspiring, and have a realness about them. Nothing beats a simple cardigan made in Manos!
No Link at this Time

Green Mountain Spinnery
This Vermont spinnery has some of the nicest yarns I have ever used. Made from American wool, mohair, and cotton, and spun on vintage machinery the old fashioned way. The care and pride that goes into this yarn is so evident! The vibrant colors are inviting, and the garments I have made from their yarns get better and better with every washing!
Green Mountain Spinnery

Peace Fleece
Peace Fleece is an American company that blends fibers from both the USA and Russia to make simply beautiful yarns! The colors are unique, the quality is outstanding, and I can really support their desire to "help historic enemies cooperate and prosper through trade".
Peace Fleece

If you have never tried knitting with hemp, go to LanaKnits and give it a try. The inspiration for our Stonehenge Tunic, 100% hemp yarn can't be beat for that rustic yet elegant look and fabulous drape. This fiber just gets better and better every time it is washed! LanaKnits is a wonderful Canadian company that specializes in hemp and hemp/cotton blend yarns and spinning fibers. Don't miss their "Get to Know Hemp Kit"  for a fun and affordable introduction to this amazing fiber!

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Our mascot, Nimmie, found a great use for the new shipment of Mano's del Uruguay yarn!