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K N I T T I N G   B L O G
Here is where you will find photos of new patterns in progress, general information about knitting, small talk about all sorts of things, and....
The Gifted Hands Tag Board! Take the link below to post comments, ask questions, share your works in progress, chat about knitting in general, or simply say hello and comment on our website!
If you would like to share a photo of your completed Gifted Hands projects, please Email me  with a description of the yarns you used and any other details you wish to include, attach a jpeg of the project, and I will put them online in the Gifted Hands Gallery.
Previous Entries:
September 24 - December 1, 2003

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March 20, 2003
Not too much to blog about lately, just busy with day to day business! BUT, today I received a new shipment of Manos del Uruguay wool for some upcoming designs. My kitty, Nimmie, found instant comfort in the lovely soft wool!
March 25, 2003
My daughter has been home with chicken pox, so needless to say I have gotten some knitting done! Day to day business tends to take away time for new designs, and most definatley personal knitting. But... I finally have some great new designs down on paper and a few even cast on! I am also excited to be using a new yarn, to me anyways, Cascade 220. It comes in wonderful colors, and has very nice body, stitch defintion and drape. Look for a few new designs using this worsted weight yarn in the coming year. Of course, all designs can be made using any yarns of the same weight and gauge.
So.... back to the couch with needles in hand!
April 2, 2003
Happy birthday to my love, Maarten!
I have been busy kntting up some new designs, but took some time to make this adorable hat for my new nephew, Michael, from a design by Canadian Designer Mags Kandis in Mission Falls Cotton. It's called Sam. Isn't it cute? Here is a link to her website:
I am starting the matching sweater today! it was lots of fun, and very quick to make. The yarn is very soft!
Here is a sneak peak of a new Gifted Hands Design, C R U S H. It is a trio of scarf, hat and mittens in 7 colors that is just so fun to make! The pattern will be ready in about 2 weeks!
So, back to my knitting.... and Happy April to everyone!

April 30, 2003
Lots of knitting has been taking place here to get the newest designs published. I also finished this lovely little cardigan and hat for my new nephew:
It is called Sam, and is from designer Mags Kandis of Mission Falls. There is a link to her very inspiring site above. Such fun to knit! It is from her cotton yarn called 1824 Cotton. I highly recommend her yarns and patterns!